Caravan and Leisure Technology specialises in bringing portable power products to the leisure markets. With our vast experience in power conversion we confidently offer innovative,quality and highly competitive power inverters,powerpacks and battery chargers to provide you a truly portable power solution

Portable PowerpacksPortable Powerpacks
Caravan and Leisure offer the brand new CLT powerpack 400 and a movable power trolley to provide portable and temporary mains power from a single rechargeable unit. The CLT 400 powerpack is a unique all in one Portable AC/DC power source. It provides emergency LED lighting, is solar rechargeable and expandable thus allowing additional batteries and lights to be fitted easily. Perfect for power outages to provide basic light and power! The Caravan and Leisure Power Trolley provides 1000W of AC power, integrated multistage battery charger and battery box all in single movable unit
In Car PowerIn-Car Portable Power
Need power in your car to charge and power your portable devices? We have solutions that provide 12V and 230V power for both 12V (car) and 24V (commercial vehicle) systems.
InvertersPower Inverter
Intelligent, compact, soft start DC-AC inverters to power 220V-240VAC equipment via a car,boat or leisure battery. Unique functionality, protection and either modified or Pure sine wave power output ensure these inverters are safe, reliable and will power most electrical equipment. We offer portable products from a few watts for in car charging to sophisticated 5000W inverters and units with built in charger and solar option. We even offer an inverter/microwave oven combo. Whatever the application Caravan and Leisure Technology has a power inverter solution for you
Battery ChargersBattery Chargers
Our innovative multi stage battery chargers are designed for caravans,motor homes and leisure applications to maximise charge rates and extend battery life. Manufactured in Europe and in carefully selected Far Eastern manufacturing facilities, our chargers come with a 1 year warranty as standard and include both input and output leads. Our extensive range starts at 5A suitable for car and motorcycle use up to 40A to charge larger banks of deep cycle batteries.
Combi Power Inverter/ChargerCombi Power Inverter/Charger
Caravan and Leisure Technology offers a new range of Combi Power Inverter/Chargers. These products benefit from pure sinewave output, automatic transfer switch and high current battery charger integrated into a single unit to provide the ultimate off grid solution. We offer power ratings from 600W to 5000W in 12V and 24V. A 6000W 48V varient is available on request. Our combi's represent amazing value for money against "other" well know European brands

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12V Voltage Sensitive Relay

12V Voltage Sensitive Relay
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NE143P 15A Leisure Battery Charger

NE143P 15A Leisure Battery Charger
Product No.:  2001
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300W 12V Power Inverter

300W 12V Power Inverter
Product No.:  2008
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